O4A - Our Story

A doubt

The genesis of O4A is simply a matter of doubt. A doubt that has grown over the years, over reports and interviews viewed, over articles and studies consulted. A doubt that has shaken our certainties and habits.

This doubt, we all met him on our own. It has led us to question our economic system, our way of life, our ways of producing, consuming, moving, ... It is a slow but deep shock to discover that our societies are damaging the environment that shelters us.

A thought

The idea here is not to present our convictions regarding ecological problems and the climate emergency. We simply want to tell you how we position ourselves in relation to these issues.

Florie Maurin, Raphaël Landry and Olivier Hauss are part of the same group of friends. These topics have taken up more and more space in our conversations. We shared information with each other of course, but we were also thinking about how to prepare for the future.

We then decided to do our utmost to match our professional skills with our ecological convictions. With the aspiration to create a value system that suits us. With the hope of making a living from a job we are proud of.

A solution

This is where O4A was born: Olivier started to imagine a company that would allow a maximum number of people to improve and reduce their consumption. He thought that customers should be able to « buy once and for all ».

It took a few months to get started, until we both left our respective businesses. Olivier and Raphaël launched the project, while Florie joined them in a second step. We took risks for O4A to see the light of day, and we are now united behind the same goal: that sustainable purchasing is no longer an effort, but a consumer reflex for the largest number of people.

Raphaël Florie Olivier - O4A

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