O4A - The 10 Commitments

If you buy from us, you won't be back anytime soon.

Unlike the usual retailers, we hope that your items will satisfy you for as long as possible! Because less purchasing also means less production, less transport,... and therefore a more ecological way of life.

Our products are manufactured near you.

We are trying to reduce the distance between manufacturers and the end customer, because relocating our purchases reduces their carbon impact. Almost all our products are manufactured in France or Europe.

We are listening to you, really.

An item that disappoints our customers is an item that will be discontinued. We refuse to market products that do not achieve an excellent satisfaction rate.

A wide, and limited offer?

Yes, it is possible. Because we want to offer many product categories, and at the same time very few products per category. We only keep the best.

Total transparency.

All information about our products and suppliers is displayed clearly and concisely on the product pages.

A greener shipping.

We chose La Poste as our carrier because they carry out many actions to offset the CO2 emissions linked to the delivery of your order to your home. For more information: La Poste commits to carbon neutrality

Biodegradable consumables?

For all consumable products, we guide you towards biodegradable or recyclable products, therefore less harmful to the environment.

Ecological = Economic?

A washable sponge may be more expensive than a disposable sponge. But if you buy the same product less often, in the long term, you save money! This is also what sustainability is all about.

Sustainability = Quality?

It is no coincidence that quality often goes hand in hand with sustainability. To perfectly meet a need, our products must be well made and therefore durable.

We are proud of our products!

Obsolescence has no place in our society. The products we select are simple, effective, timeless, and will stand the test of time.

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